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AA: ~ it's c⊙mplicatedand dumb⊙kay

TAG! Call me Prince or Ches it's mostly gay fantroll babies here.
Plus random OCs occasionally. General rp blog tbh.
Feel free to message me uvu
Oct 21 '14
Oct 21 '14
Oct 21 '14

S’up have another life update

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Oct 1 '14

I finally finished this yeeehawmy fan gem *w*


I finally finished this yeeehaw
my fan gem *w*

Oct 1 '14

Have another update:

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Sep 14 '14


This blog still makes me super anxious to go on but haha
Here’s a small life update

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Aug 26 '14

Indefinite Hiatus

Besides posting art and roleplaying privately on skype or pester I’m not going to be using this blog and am going to be unfollowing people for the time being due to such.

If anyone really wants to talk or see me online more actively I’ll be over here.

More info under the cut for those curious. 
#suicide mention #self-harm

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Aug 26 '14

Anonymous asked:

I hope you feel better soon <3

I’m feeling a lot better already. There’s a lot to do but I’m at least stable right now.

Aug 26 '14

I’m home

Aug 21 '14

trollzin asked:

are you okay chester?

I’ve been in the ER since like
I’m allowed to have my phone right now and they charged it a bit for me since I needed to get insurance information from my mom.
I’m not sure when ill be home